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Regular Tuning Service:  $210

A Regular Tuning Service includes an aural tuning to A440, as well as any minor adjustments necessary to return the piano to factory playing specifications. A Regular Tuning Service usually takes between 1 and 1.5 hours. 

First-Time Visit/Extended Visit:  $280

An extended visit provides an extra 30 to 60 minutes beyond a regular service for additional work beyond tuning such as; trouble-shooting, pitch-raising, cleaning, minor repairs, and minor action adjustments (regulation). An extended visit is especially necessary when a piano has not been serviced on a regular basis (1-4 times per year).

Repairs, Maintenance, and Other Work:  $120/hr, plus parts and any applicable tax

A grand piano consists of somewhere around 12,000 parts, only 200 of which are strings. This means that if the only service performed on your piano is tuning, most of the instrument is being completely ignored. Randy's intention with every piano is to make sure that the entire instrument; strings, action, hammers, dampers, pedals, and case parts, are all functioning as they are supposed to. Should your piano need work that is not tuning related, all work is charged at an hourly rate (billed in 15-minute intervals), plus any necessary parts and tax. No additional work beyond tuning will be performed without prior authorization from the customer.

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