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Randy is currently an Assistant Piano Technician for the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance, having recently relocated to the area from Pittsburgh, PA.​ His interest in piano began around age five when he decided he would rather study piano than play baseball. After studying piano and trombone throughout his childhood, Randy chose to pursue music as a career. He studied trombone performance at Youngstown State University, and Carnegie Mellon University.

While at CMU, Randy became interested in piano technology via an independent study taught by Peter Stumpf, RPT and piano technician for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Through Peter's training and mentor-ship Randy has been able to excel at the craft, and is continuously striving to advance his abilities as a technician.

Outside of his work at the University of Michigan, Randy is an associate member of the Piano Technicians Guild, and provides service for various schools, churches, and private clients throughout the Ann Arbor area. Randy is committed to making each piano he services perform at its highest potential, while ensuring that each customer interaction is professional, informative, and pleasant. He is passionate about the piano as a medium of musical expression, and hopes that through his work he can help each performer achieve their ideal musical experience.






Aural tuning ensures that your piano is accurately tuned the pitch standard A=440. 

Regulation is the reconditoining and adjustment of the mechanical aspects of a piano, in order to compensate for the effects of felt compression, climate change, and general wear

From time to time, even the best-made pianos have parts that fail. Randy will ensure that each repair needed is made to the highest possible standard.


Providing a stable climate can add years of life to your piano, as well as improve tuning stability and playability. Ask Randy if a Piano Life-Saver System is right for your piano.



Phone: 724-272-1685

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